Foreign-Funded Enterprises: drafting and amendment of agreements, contracts and constitution; establishment of joint ventures, equity and co-operative and representative offices; share mortgage and transfer. Corporate: merger, split; purchase and annexation; dissolution and liquidation. Real Estate: sale, bank mortgage, guaranty, mortgage, leasing, realty management

Intellectual Property: inquiry, registration, protection, transfer, licensing of trade-mark, patent and copyright; licensed-use and transfer of know-how including computer software; contracts of technology development, technology service and technology consultation;


-Project and commercial developments
-Joint ventures, incorporations and formation of partnerships
-Acquisitions and sales of companies, businesses, shares and assets
-Agencies and distributorships
-Mutual funds and unit trusts
-Company secretarial and administration services for private and listed companies

Firm News

  • The Gas Price Rollercoaster

    Historically, the price of gasoline has been tied to changes in the cost of crude oil; as crude prices rise, consumers can expect to pay more at the pump, and the reverse is also true.

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